Ep. 114: Guillaume Wiatr on Crafting Your ‘Strategic Narrative’

May 25, 2023 Vinay Kumar
Ep. 114: Guillaume Wiatr on Crafting Your ‘Strategic Narrative’
Show Notes

“People will pay for a story, but people will die for a narrative.” That’s Guillaume Wiatr, the author of ‘Strategic Narrative’, a simple method that business leaders can use to help everyone understand their business, get behind it and believe in it! Guillaume’s company, MetaHelm, guides CEOs, founders, and leadership teams of professional services firms to gain focus and traction so they build a successful business that they also love. A former big-firm strategy consultant, Guillaume has founded four ventures and he is sought after by senior executives of companies such as Alaska Airlines, the Gates Foundation, Generations for Peace, AIG, L'Oréal, Spencer Stuart, GAP, Google, Microsoft, and the US and French governments. Vinay digs deeper into Guillaume’s strategic narrative, hit play to listen!  

[02:35s] The genesis of Guillaume Wiatr 

[05:11s] His milestones in consulting 

[10:15s] Evolution of consulting 

[17:27s] The genesis of MetaHelm

[24:57s] The concept of Strategic Narrative 

[46:13s] RWL: Read ‘Secret Tradecraft of Elite Advisors’ by David C Baker

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More on Guillaume’s work at MetaHelm at  

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