Ep. 120: Vineet Saxena on ‘The Resilient Entrepreneur’, a Shiny Happy People special

August 17, 2023 Dhruti Shah
Ep. 120: Vineet Saxena on ‘The Resilient Entrepreneur’, a Shiny Happy People special
Show Notes

A new story of resilience, a new Shiny Happy personality every month! This is a Shiny Happy People special limited podcast series, ‘The Resilient Entrepreneur’. Hosted by guest-host Dhruti Shah, this podcast series is inspired by the stories of resilience featured in her book, ‘The Resilient Entrepreneur: Strategies to set you up for success’

Our guest today is a first-generation entrepreneur who is obviously great at what he does – since he co-found one of India’s most loved and possibly, its biggest online fashion retailer, Myntra! 

He is none other than Vineet Saxena. An IIT-Kanpur grad, Vineet has built and managed several businesses and functions over his 23-year career. He started as a technology professional and after working for seven years, Vineet co-founded Myntra in 2006, where he successfully built a strong product catalogue and scaled the technology and operations management and the team there.

In his 16-year entrepreneurial career, Vineet has been at the helm of managing and scaling various functions including technology, product, marketing, and operations.

At the beginning of 2020, Vineet co-founder CARD91, a global payment issuance infrastructure company powering B2B payments. Its cutting-edge technology offers plug-and-play payment infrastructure for businesses & banks, who want to issue cards to customers, vendors, employees and partners. 

Hit play for Dhruti’s conversation with the man himself!

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Shiny Happy People’s ‘The Resilient Entrepreneur’ limited series is now a podcast on its own. Hosted by Dhruti Shah, it brings you a new startup story of resilience every month! Listen to the latest episode here:

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