Ep 121: Chris Brown, the Sustainability Warrior of Pemuteran, Bali

August 31, 2023 Vinay Kumar
Ep 121: Chris Brown, the Sustainability Warrior of Pemuteran, Bali
Show Notes

In one of our most exciting conversations yet, Vinay traces the inspiring story behind the sustainably thriving community in the scenic fishing village of Pemuteran on the island of Bali, Indonesia – and the sustainability warrior who started it all. Meet Australian-born Chris Brown who was the first to see the potential of diving in the Pemuteran area. After starting the Reef Seen Divers’ Resort back in 1992, he began working to support and educate the local communities to better understand the need and ways to protect the local marine environment from the destructive bombing, cyanide fishing and other activities. In 1994, Chris started the Turtle Project of Pemuteran which works to protect the wild turtle population and to stop, or at least diminish, the worthless slaughtering of turtles. The project hatchery has released several thousands of turtles (juveniles and adults) into the ocean over the years. Chris has also started other projects including the Reef Seen Dancers, a Balinese dance troupe, and the Reef Gardeners which works towards conservation of the area’s coral reefs. Hit play to listen to his amazing story!  

[03:54s] A diver’s journey from Australia to Bali 

[09:14s] Advent of diving in Pemuteran and the Reef Seen Divers’ Resort

[15:47s] Save the turtles: Genesis of the Turtle Hatchery Project   

[25:05s] Evolution of Pemuteran: Sustainable livelihoods, a happier community  

[35:05s] What’s next for Chris 

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