Ep. 122: Karan Bahadur on ‘The Resilient Entrepreneur’, a Shiny Happy People special

September 14, 2023 Vinay Kumar
Ep. 122: Karan Bahadur on ‘The Resilient Entrepreneur’, a Shiny Happy People special
Show Notes

A new story of resilience, a new Shiny Happy personality every month! This is a Shiny Happy People special limited podcast series, ‘The Resilient Entrepreneur’. Hosted by guest-host Dhruti Shah, this podcast series is inspired by the stories of resilience featured in her book, ‘The Resilient Entrepreneur: Strategies to set you up for success’.

This episode brings you a slightly different perspective on the whole entrepreneur or start-up eco-system – our guest today is somebody who, through his organization, has been instrumental in helping the start-up culture thrive in India.

He is Karan Bahadur, the Co-Founder & Head of Operations at Draper Startup House, India. 

Draper Startup House ushered in the breakthrough concept of, in Karan’s words, a ‘backpacking’ community in India for start-ups, bringing in a space of co-living and networking for including founders, cofounders, start-up entrepreneurs and aspirants, digital nomads, business travelers, freelancers, way back in 2015-16. After being acquired by Tim Draper in 2020, today Draper Startup House exists in 25 countries, growing rapidly across the world and India. 

Karan himself has been an active participant in the startup ecosystem since 2008, being part of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs). Creating a thriving community that fosters the growth and success of startups is something Karan is passionate about.  

That passion has seen him having actively organized and participated in startup festivals, events, workshops and conferences to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking among entrepreneurs. He has played a pivotal role in establishing a unique, vibrant community that encourages collaboration, idea exchange and coexistence among startups in India, and now across the world too. 

Well, let’s hear more from the man himself – hit play!

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Shiny Happy People’s ‘The Resilient Entrepreneur’ limited series is now a podcast on its own. Hosted by Dhruti Shah, it brings you a new startup story of resilience every month! Listen to the latest episode here:

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