Ep 123: Amy Diehl and Leanne Dzubinski on Workplace Gender Biases

September 28, 2023 Vinay Kumar
Ep 123: Amy Diehl and Leanne Dzubinski on Workplace Gender Biases
Show Notes

“Organizations have come a long way when it comes to recognizing and attempting to stamp out gender bias. But gender bias stubbornly persists and women still face substantial hurdles when trying to succeed professionally,” note Amy Diehl, PhD, and Leanne M Dzubinski, PhD, the authors of the brilliant book ‘Glass Walls: Shattering the Six Barriers Still Holding Women Back at Work’ which released in June this year. This is a subject close to our hearts here, and we are thrilled to have both Amy and Leanne on our podcast this episode!  

‘Glass Walls’ is a culmination of extensive original research by the authors who reveal the six barriers still holding women back through stories of prominent and everyday women. They explain how you can shatter these barriers to eliminate bias in your workplace, whether you are a leader, an ally or an individual woman. Above all, they argue gender bias is not the problem of the person suffering it, but rather an organizational problem.

Amy is an award-winning information technology leader and gender equity researcher based in Pennsylvania. Leanne is Professor of Leadership at Asbury Seminary in Kentucky.

In this incisive conversation with the authors, Vinay finds more about the book, its genesis, and insights on the cause and effect of gender biases and what organizations and leaders can do to help eliminate gender bias.  

[02:22s] Genesis of their work in gender biases 

[10:56s] Stories behind ‘Glass Walls’   

[13:00s] Awareness on gender biases over the past decade 

[16: 49s] ‘Naming the invisible’: Tips to address unconscious biases 

[21:55s] Presenteeism biases 

[21:55s] Impact of the pandemic 

[34:44s] Key takeaways from ‘Glass Walls’

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