Ep 125: Dhanpat Jain (DJ) on New Future of Learning & Development

November 02, 2023 Vinay Kumar
Ep 125: Dhanpat Jain (DJ) on New Future of Learning & Development
Show Notes

“The need now is to see learning as a journey, instead of training as an event,” articulates the man that’s leading learning and development at one of the world’s biggest conglomerates in India. 

Our guest today is the multi-faceted Dhanpat Jain, fondly known as DJ, Head of Learning and Leadership Development at Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd.DJ is a keen strategist with over 24 years of experience studded with professional brilliance in leading entire gamut of functions involved in Talent Management, Leadership Development, Learning & Development and Employee Engagement. 

DJ started his career in sales, but his passion and interest in training saw him join NIS Sparta Ltd (Asia’s largest training organization) as a Business Development Manager, specializing in interventions for influencing skill sets in Sales, Service and Communication. He has worked with Fortune clients like Standard Chartered, Hyundai Motors, Ford Motors, and Cognizant. DJ’s entrepreneurial aspirations also saw him kick starting his very own training organization which worked with the likes of Hyundai, Mitsubishi Motors, Toyota Motors, Indian Oil, HLL, Rane, Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant and Office Tiger, TCS etc. 

Vinay traces the journey of this truly shiny, happy personality who thrives on human connections and who lives by the motto ‘learning never stops’ – hit play for this riveting conversation. 

[03:21s] From ‘Doctor DJ’ to sales to training: His journey into L&D 

[9:02s] The ‘actor DJ’: “My passion for acting helped me become a good trainer!”

[13:30s] Top shifts in Learning & Development today 

[15: 13s] Learning as a journey, not an event

[21:28s] Technology in learning today 

[24:52s] Addressing diverse learning needs at Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages 

[34:44s] RWL: Read ‘Secret’ by Rhonda Bryne and ‘Good to Great’ by James C. Collins

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