Ep 126: Manal Sayid on Facilitation for Social Change

November 16, 2023 Vinay Kumar
Ep 126: Manal Sayid on Facilitation for Social Change
Show Notes

“Facilitation is possibly the most powerful tool for change.”

And that’s exactly what she’s doing – leveraging the power of facilitation for social impact. Meet our guest today, Manal Sayid, Principal Facilitator at Sayid Consulting, who, inspired by human-centered change and participatory approaches, designs processes that foster authenticity, build community, and harness collective energy for a more creative, collaborative, and conscious world.

With over eight years of experience in business, change management, and strategic planning, Manal brings in a wealth of experience and expertise to help develop, refine, and scale programs to clients primarily in the social profit sector.

Manal is also an active member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and was recently elected to the position of Regional Director for North America and will be serving as an IAF Board Member starting January 2024. Additionally, she has received training at the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) in Technology of Participation (ToP)® Methods.

Vinay finds out more on her facilitation journey of change from the woman herself. Hit play!

[02:30s] Genesis of Manal Sayid
[08:45s] Her journey into process facilitation
[13:22s] Discovering the IAF community
[18: 10s] “My heart has always been in the social services sector.”
[28:55s] Working with the IAF and beyond
[37:24s] RWL: Read Conflict Is Not Abuse by Sarah Schulman

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